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At 2015, when the idea was born, research and development of the operation began. Then after one year of work the first DIY restaurant opened in Budapest in 2016, then our restaurant expert team turned it into a perfectly working experience based restaurant. Makery has the know-how and wants to share this successful DIY restaurant experience with everyone in the world! The experience of the past period is that our attractive concept facilitates growth and business results. It is an upside-down restaurant concept, and the first Do-It-Yourself restaurant in the World, where guests can order and cook their own meals, while they are having fun just like children play together. These elements together make Makery a unique and unforgettable interactive experience for the visitors, and it makes them happily pay for the service.

Directly in the first year, Makery was cash flow positive and there was a rapidly growing demand for its services. Till today Makery has 5.0 stars by Facebook reviews which is a great proof and validation for the secret sauce, the working method Makery created. Looking at the amazing revenue numbers, great visitor reviews and the well working method, we stepped forward and established the international Makery Team. From 2019 we are selling Franchise and Software Licenses for selected premium Franchisee partners. We offer it to those who want to use a proven operation successfully.

Like every ordinary restaurant, Makery also has a menu what you get after your arrival. This is an interactive menu, provided with our cooking application. The guests can choose from 30 different dishes, our menu fits into today’s consumption trends, including international, healthy, vegan dishes as well. Guests will get all the ingredients they need, cleaned, chopped and measured, in small bowls on a table. Of course, guests won’t be left behind, everybody gets a tablet with the Makery software application that guides them through the steps of preparing the coveted food. Ovens and induction plates are built in the kitchen stations which are equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen technology to help them prepare meals. By using our interactive menu, any of our dishes can be done in 20-25 minutes, regardless of cooking knowledge. Uniquely in the world, here the guests can get an active community occasion every day at a restaurant price and stay, with the experience of cooking together! And of course the Makery staff do all the dishes and cleans the kitchen stations the guests used.

The secret sauce ingredients are: surprising and unique DIY concept  + well working and defined restaurant operations  + software that supports the perfect experience …and more. Starting this year, we are selling Makery as a Franchise for those interested in this proven recipe. Makery has the know-how and wants to share this successful DIY restaurant experience around the world! Join us and be part of the Makery Brand!

Internal layers of sales value

Most of the sales value is increasingly made up of the customer experience.

Based on research by Joseph Pine & James Gilore

Potential in the intersection

Makery explodes at the intersection of a booming adventure industry and a huge restaurant industry.

Based on our observation of industry trends

Basis for Decision

Generally, The most powerful aspect of the guest’s decision is the experience. This is what we have further reinforced by the DIY solution.

Based on research published on

Directly pull in

Makery reaches its guests primarily online, who book well in advance, which is much more predictable and efficient than other restaurants. 

Based on Makery’s data

Headcounts of groups

The composition of the guests shows the predominance of the most business-friendly (high per capita spending) large groups.

Based on Makery’s data

Profitability ratio

Cash flow is expected to be positive from the first year of operation. This means that the return on investment is 3-5 years.

Based on Makery’s plan

Join the Makery Brand and become our Franchise Partner!

Ideal moment of entry

Access to a well-functioning restaurant operation and benefit from early access, with special attention and support.

Based on Makery’s past and plan

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A Projekt tartalmának rövid bemutatása: A Makery Franchise DIY alapú gastro-tech vállalkozás, mely franchise modell keretében értékesít know-how-t, amely tartalmazza a marketing, pénzügyi, operatív, IT, berendezési és belsőépítészeti elemek kialakítását, és működtetésének támogatását. Visszatéritendő kockázati tőke (szerződött támogatás a Solus Capital Kockázati Tőkealap és a Hiventures Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő részéről) összege: 644 millió forint. Felhívás azonosító jele: GINOP8.1.3/B-17. A projekt tervezett befejezési dátuma: 2024.12.16. Köszönjük a Magyar Állam és az EURÓPAI UNIÓ TÁMOGATÁSÁT!