Get a taste of the future!

The Orion Space Generation Foundation launched, the Csillagváros Ltd. Vertical Farm raised, the Budapest Makery serve, and you'll be the first in the world to cook this space plants that will write the gastronomy of the future.

Book NOW and come cook with space-ready green ingredients!

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A social programme that will take you to the stars!

Join us for an adventurous space-ready culinary journey! Together with friends, family and loved ones, you can prepare special dishes seasoned with real space plants!
For those who love to get away from it all for those who like to try something really special and off the ground!

Galactic flavours on the table!

The ingredients for these DIY dishes now come in gold-edged bowls reminiscent of Saturn's ring, and include special vegetables that were grown on Earth before they arrived on your table, but are very similar in terms of the growing techniques used on the International Space Station (ISS) applied Veggie system. Connect with us through this theme of space exploration and the unique process of plant cultivation, and taste the space plant ingredients grown at Makery!

The Space Plants

Most of the fresh herbs and special salads that go into Makery's dishes are all grown on the vertical farm in the Star City. The cilantro and parsley you use for cooking arrive at our restaurant in special packaging after harvesting, so these special 'space-ready' ingredients arrive fresh and ready to use on your plate.

Our interstellar meals

We've also paired two microgreens or baby leaf plants with each of our dishes: the spicy mizuna is a wonderful complement to oriental flavours, the microgreen cucumber flavour of borage adds a summery freshness to oriental broth and salad dressings, and the mini basil is not only a must for Italian dishes, but also for desserts. . . . . . . . . . . 

Our cosmic partners

The Space Generation

The Orion Űrnemzedék Alapítvány (Orion Space Generation Foundation) is working to get you interested in the tangible things you can find in space.

  1. We have our own passion for the "space theme", an interesting, unexploited area that is of great curiosity to people. Admit it, you're interested in what surrounds us!
  2. Following the space voyage of our first Hungarian explorer astronaut Bertalan Farkas in 1980, we will soon have another Hungarian astronaut's eye watching us from space. Is there anything more exciting?

We're now imagining you in the Orion spaceship! Come, taste, savour and nibble on space-ready greens from our vertical farm in the Makery!

A Csillagváros

The Csillagváros (Star City) - where we grow space plants! Csillagváros operates the region's only research and development vertical farm in the heart of Budapest. The vertical farm technology allows the cultivation of plants for food, research and other purposes under fully controlled conditions, which in the future may be encountered in space or on alien planets. At Makery, you can meet these "world-beating" plants for the first time.

Stand by to launch! The countdown has begun...

At Makery DIY Restaurant you don't just get food and drinks, you get a complete DIY Experience! You can choose from Experience Packages when booking and when shopping in the online shop. Within an Experience Package you can then choose from many different dishes to choose from to make the one you want! You can buy an Experience Package even before you have set a date!

If you already have the date and the number of people, book now on our online reservation page! Everyone will be able to choose their meal after booking! We look forward to welcoming you for this special adventure of the future!

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Our restaurant is closed from 24 July to 3 August.

"The key is that cooking becomes a common game here" - Forbes