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Online Bachelorette Party

Summer is the season of weddings, thus so it is of bachelorette parties. You are about say goodbye properly from your friend due to the wedding, but it is not possible yet to be together in a restaurant or at a great program? Then Makery Online Bachelorette party is just for you!

We offer you a perfect solution at the time of Covid as well, because everything is at hand here, you can have a special social experience together at the comfort of your home(s). And for the bride it never hurts if she can get a few kitchen tricks, which could be used during the marriage or family times, not to forget for herself as well.

How does it work?

The package itself is simple. You choose online the DIY, meaning you prepare it for yourself, meal and drink according to your taste, just like at our restaurant. Then we will deliver all the ingredients of the meals, measured and prepared, to your address(es). After this, you can prepare the meals according to your time and pace with the help of our video application step by step.

Of course, we have thought of the drinks as well. We start with a welcome prosecco to set the basic mood, then with a DIY long drink chosen by you, or you can further enhance the mood with a DIY cocktail.

Just like at our restaurant, all the brides can become a gourmet! We would like to give a tiny gift for the busy bride: we offer a special gift voucher, which is good for the couple for a 25% discount.

Online Bachelorette Party Package

A választott ételek listáját, legkésőbb az esemény előtt 2 nappal küldjétek el számunkra a címre. Egyedi ajánlatunkért pedig írjatok nekünk a címre!
Népszerű ajánlatunk
  • 1 meal/ person
  • 1 small bottled prosecco/ person
  • 1 long-drink/DIY coctail / person
  • A 25% discount card for the bride at the restaurant
  • Extra desszert

Gift for the bride!

You can even give an unforgettable experience for the very last minutes with an exciting social cooking bachelorette party. 

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