Team building

Organizing a meaningful and efficient team building is not an easy task. But what if it was as simple as eating out at a restaurant?

About the team building

Budapest Makery put its active social experience service around one of the most basic need: eating. However, nothing is overcomplicated here, everything is according to an ordinary restaurant, in ordinary prices and with an ordinary time period, but it turns the everydays upside down. Our guests can prepare their food through a unique and creative way, by themselves.


We kindly ask our groups to arrive 10 mins earlier, latest at the starting time at the restaurant.

Like at any other restaurant, everybody chooses their preferable meal form the menu, which has to be sent to us via email 5 days before the event. (last modification is 24h before the event)
After this, everybody will get their ingredients of the meals measured. Suddenly everybody turns into a chef and the game starts: the creation of the food...(Please do not get scared, a tablet will help you through the recipe!) Finally, everybody can serve, offer and eat their food proudly!

1 DIY meal

6800 HUF person
  • Welcome Snack
  • 1 DIY main course

2 DIY meal

8900 HUF person
  • Welcome Snack
  • Appetizer/Dessert
  • 1 DIY main course


non-alcoholic drinks
2000 HUF person
  • bottled drinks
  • Lemonades
  • Coffee, Tea


alcoholic drinks
4600 HUF person
  • Beers, Wines
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee, Tea


premium drink package
7200 HUF person
  • CAN

Give a Makery gift voucher to your colleagues!

Surprise your colleagues with experience, buy a gift voucher at Budapest Makery, at the world's first DIY restaurant, where the guests cook for themselves!

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