Shake premium cocktails in Makery!

Choose your favorite unique cocktail from our list, we serve you all its ingredients on beautifully arranged on a wooden plate, you get ready, and then start! Press the play button on the app and the game begins.

We guide you in mixing your special cocktails through tiny detailed steps with the support of the staff and our video application, playfully. You will get surprised to see how many flavours and exciting ingredients are making Makery's self-developed cocktails really delicious and stunning.

A very unique social experience!

In Makery everyone prepares their own cocktail.

If you would like to see how is the vibe behind the bar while you are having an amazing time with your friends, come and shake your drinks.

You are going to have an insight into the sophisticated process of professional mixing while enjoying a special community activity together with your friends, colleagues or family. 

Cool experience for every kind of occasion!

  • Book a table for a new-style cocktail party in the city. 
  • If you are planning to organize a home partyor a special event, we delivery the DIY cocktail packages to your door. 
  • We deliver the premium cocktail experience packages to your corporate events, as well!
  • If you want a really cool and fun presentfor your friend, colleague or boss, you can buy our DIY cocktail packages as vouchers, too.

Cocktail party at your home!

Our DIY cocktail experience packages help you set up a unique environment for celebrating.

No organization, no shopping is needed from your side. You only have to do one thing: choose the DIY cocktail experience package that fits your goal the most, and the rest is on us. These experience packages will create a special atmosphere, so you don't have to worry about anything. It is good though if you have some glasses and spoons at home!

Special cocktail offer

Choose your favorite cocktail: the creamy Milk Punch with raspberry purée, the characteristic and romantic Rum Old Fashioned with cinnamon and slices of dry orange, the ginger beer based Dark & Stormy condensed with banana, the Passion Mamba rich in caviar floating on wheat beer, the silky and soft vanilla flavoured sparkling Glitter Baby or the more hardcore spicy Fat Wash Mary with vodka. It is not easy to choose one, that's why you can select more cocktails in our package.

Premium DIY cocktail experience packages

If you would like to order the unique experience of premium cocktail mixing to your home or you would like to give it as a gift to someone special, choose from our packages. We have created these packages to offer an opportunity to everyone to try out at least two cocktail shakings!

Easy party with 2 DIY cocktails/person

In the frame of Easy cocktail experience package you will become the mixer of 2 DIY premium cocktails. We recommend it for moderate but cool occasions, shorter gatherings, stylish and memorable relaxations.

Go party with 3 DIY cocktails/person

You will mix three unique premium Makery cocktails in the frame of the Go package. We recommend this package for bigger gatherings, creative celebrations, active relaxations and if you want the party to be loose and fun.

DIY cocktail mixing as an amazing present!

Giving experience as a gift for your beloved ones might still not be the best if it is about a really cool and adventurous soul. But giving a DIY cocktail mixing ticket to Makery sounds like it! Would you like to receive a party with hand-made premium cocktails that doesn't need any additional organization from your friends or colleagues?

Choose the Easy or the Go experience package voucher depending how big party you would like to give as a present or depending how many DIY cocktails you would like to prepare and drink during the party.

We take care of you if you plan to experience fun activites, organize special events, or celebrate in a chic and stylish way.

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