Give a Real Experience as a Gift!

For young and old, professionals and amateurs, boys and girls!

A Creative Social Experience for All!

Makery is not a cooking school! Everyone can choose the dishes they want, just like in a restaurant. There's no teacher, just a tabletop cooking app that guides everyone through the cooking steps. What happens here is closer to playing than learning:

"Makery is a playground, not a school!"

Anyone from the age of 6 can prepare restaurant meals here. Even clumsy ones! But the recipes are also a challenge for experienced home cooks and professional chefs striving for perfection. In the end, participants of all abilities can enjoy an extraordinary creative experience together, where everyone succeeds and the company leaves with a special experience! tapasztalt háziasszonyok és profi szakácsok számára is kihívást jelentenek. Végül a különböző képességű résztvevők egy nem mindennapi közös kreatív élményben részesülhetnek, ahol mindenkinek minden sikerül, a társaság pedig különleges élménnyel távozik!

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Recipe for the perfect gift

The perfect gift is also a surprise

No one likes a trite, ordinary and boring gift! The gift should be interesting and unexpected. Like Makery, the world's first DIY restaurant brand! Surprising but true: the restaurant where customers cook for themselves!!!

They will be attached to you, so give them something really special!

Those who were among the first here can tell us proudly about it, but there are still those who don't know it or haven't got here yet. Be among the first to give! Give Makery experience and you will always be remembered by those who receive it!!!


Give not objects, but Experience!

The things we need, everyone buys for themselves, and the things we don't need become a depressing mess. But we often can't afford experiences, even though memorable experiences are worth much more to everyone than objects, and we have fewer and fewer opportunities to have them. Such is the case with Makery's creative community experience programme!

Gift that more than one person can receive as a joint gift !

What if you don't want to give a gift to one person, but to a couple, a family or your parents together! In this case, the perfect gift is the Makery Community Experience, which you can buy for 2-3-4 people, for example!

No queue!!! Available for immediate purchase ONLINE!

There's that depressing end-of-year shopping frenzy, when we run around crowded department stores, dodging each other between dwindling stock as we run out of time. But the perfect gift can be easily bought online with just a few clicks! Plus, your Makery Experience Card will be emailed to you instantly!

The perfect gift can be given to Everyone !

Most gifts are not for everyone. Little ones, big ones, boys and girls all need different gifts. The ideal gift will still be memorable for everyone! A night out at Makery DIY restaurant is a special experience for everyone!

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Give the Gift of Experience instead of Objects! A programme to remember forever. Buy it NOW in our webshop with just a few clicks!